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There are two schools of thought when it comes to what one should emphasize
when analyzing baseball: pitching and hitting. Let?s begin by examining pitching.
Pitching is the only part of the game you can control. Because pitching match-ups are
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of the game. Having the most potent offence in the world doesn?t do you any good when
your pitching staff is letting the other team clobber hits all over the ballpark (for
reference, see ?Yankees, The New York?). While a manager might decide to sit the star
position player on your team at very little notice, you can be confident that for at least a
few innings, you know who will be pitching and can judge accordingly. Also, while a star
hitter might get four or five at-bats during a game Authentic Vontaze Burfict Jersey , a pitcher will get to see everyone in a
Hitting has its advantages too, though. Many professional bettors feel that because
so many linesmakers focus on pitching, any advantage to be had in a pitching match-up
will have been already found and reflected in the betting line. Why not look for an edge
in an area that bookies pay less attention to? Don?t get the wrong idea? pitching is
extremely important?some professional bettors say pitching is responsible for as much
as 80% of the outcome of a baseball game. But if analyzing pitching lets you know which
games are potential bets, analyzing hitting might help you decide what to bet on.
Still other professional handicappers weigh emotional factors most heavily when
deciding how to analyze a baseball match-up. I?ve mentioned a few above: is the team at
the end of a long road trip? Have they just come off an emotional win the night before?
Do the two teams have playoff history or a traditional rivalry? These are all things to
In the end, the solution is to go with whichever approach makes you most
comfortable. While any sports wagering strategy requires discipline and analysis, when it
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2019-02-18 09:02:40



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