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material can be of benefit when running

I generally wear calf sleeves when I race if for no other reason that they feel good. I don’t know if they provide any benefit during the race, nor do I have a good sense of whether they help speed recovery (just being honest!). I wear them because I like them, and that’s a good enough reason for me.My preferred brand for calf sleeves is Zensah. Their sleeves Nike Air Max 270 Mujer are made of a slightly thicker fabric than others I have tried, and I like the amount of compression that they provide. Zensah recently sent me a pair of their new “Reflect” calf sleeves, and Nike Air Max Thea Hombre I wore them in my marathon last weekend – no issues, though my calves were sore as heck the next day so they clearly didn’t prevent calf soreness. These sleeves are pretty much the same as the traditional Zensah sleeves I have, with the addition of some reflective markings. I have not run in the dark lately, but I suppose any added bit of reflective material can be of benefit when running at night. Very happy with these sleeves.a manufacturer of energy gels that I hadn’t heard of before. VFuel sent me samples of their three gel flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and peach cobbler. I tend to prefer fruity gel flavors, so I used the peach cobbler Adidas NMD Mujer gels in my final few long runs leading up to the Vermont City Marathon last weekend. I also used three of the peach cobbler VFuel pouches in the race (mixed with a bit of water in a flask).VFuel Nike Dunk Sky High Mujer emphasizes that they use natural flavoring sources – things like actual cocoa powder in the chocolate gel, real vanilla in the vanilla gel, etc. (not sure if there is actual peach cobbler in the peach cobbler gel). They also tout increased digestibility since they use a mix of maltodextrin and dextrose rather than maltodextrin and fructose as the primary carb source in the gel.I find it really hard to review sports nutrition products since it’s tough to really nail down any befit of one over any other product. So, what I will say is that I like the taste of the peach cobbler VFuel, and it’s a bit thinner than other gels I’ve used which makes Nike Air Max 95 Femme it easier to take in if you eat it right from the pouch. I had zero stomach issues in the marathon last weekend, but my stomach doesn’t tend to give me trouble often on the run. So, maybe it’s best Nike Air Max 90 Mujer to say that I have nothing negative to say about VFuel, which is probably the highest praise I could give to a gel. I rarely use gels on training runs, and given that they sent me two boxes of each flavor, I’ll probably be using it in every long race I run in the foreseeable future – no need to buy other gels at the moment!PocketFuel sent me some samples of their nut butter pouches last year, and I had forgotten I had them until I was packing for my Adidas Superstar Mens recent marathon. I brought one along with me to Vermont to eat after the race, and it reminded how good they are (and yes, turns out year old PocketFuel is still very edible).Pocket Fuel comes Nike Air Max 95 Womens in a number of flavors, but the base ingredient of each is one of several types of nut butter. I think all of the pouches they sent me were almond butter based. The nut butter is mixed with various other whole foods to produce the various flavors – it’s all natural, no chemical additives.



2018-09-29 03:02:22



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