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reduce loading and in turn diminish

Another reason why I find this result fascinating is in light of the anecdotal evidence from fellow runners who have described how they have made knee Nike Air Max 270 Dames pain disappear by either A) running barefoot or B) running in maximally cushioned, low-drop shoes like Hokas. I was actually asked this very question while giving a talk last week at a running camp – how can two such different approaches both lead to a reduction Nike Air Presto Womens in knee pain? My response was that there are likely multiple ways to accomplish the same goal of reducing loading at the knee. I didn’t give much thought to the mechanisms, but possibilities are starting to crystallize a bit in my head.The barefoot explanation is easy. It has been well characterized that barefoot running tends to result in a shorter, quicker stride with greater knee flexion at initial contact but less peak knee flexion at midstance (I write about this extensively in Chapter 8 of my book). These are the exact patterns show in the Wisconsin study at 110% of Nike Air Max 2017 Męskie preferred cadence. So taking your shoes off could very well lead to kinematic adaptations at the knee that reduce loading and in turn diminish knee pain. This is why I advocate giving barefoot or a very minimal shoe a try (very gradually!) if you have chronic Nike Air Max 90 Damen patellofemoral pain. If the alternative is not running, it can’t hurt to give it a shot.
But what about Hokas? My initial thinking when I was asked the question was that the extensive cushioning reduced ground reaction forces or loading rates and thus somehow benefitted the knee. After reading this paper I’m thinking of a Nike Air Max 90 Mujer slightly different mechanism. The Hokas are a super soft shoe. One of the kinematic adaptations to running on a very soft surface (think sand or trampoline) is to stiffen the leg. I’m wondering if one of the adaptations to running in Hokas is increased leg Nike Air Vapormax Mens stiffness and reduced knee flexion at midstance. This could explain the reduction in knee loading reported by many runners who have fallen in love with these shoes. with the right lab setup it would be relatively easy study to take a bunch of runners and compare Adidas NMD Mujer joint kinematics barefoot, in a traditional shoe, and in Hokas and compare things like peak knee flexion at midstance. I await the results!In the meantime, I might have to dust off my Hokas and take them for a second run, followed by a bit of distance barefoot. I’m curious how my knee will feel in the two conditions. Nike Air Max 95 Womens If I decide to do it, I’ll report the results!I feel your hypothesis about runners in HOKA running with stiffer joints and resulting lower knee flexion at mid-stance is reasonable. This would need to be done whilst avoiding increases in stride length/reduction Nike Air Max Zero Femme in cadence.One thing I think may well be important to stress related injuries is that eccentric loading tends to be more damaging that concentric loading. Not only are the absolutely forces important but the amount of stretching that the muscles, tendons and ligaments undergo whilst under load. Reducing the amount of movement of the joints during loading may be as important as reducing the actual loading on those soft tissues



2018-09-12 05:19:34



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