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BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhua) -- The recent two months have witnessed some unusually active seismic activities across the globe, as a string of powerful earthquakes have jolted Ecuador, Japan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Indonesia, killing dozens of people and triggering several tsunami alerts.

Many cannot help wondering: Is this just coincidence, or is our planet once again on a "quake mode" that will trigger one major tremor after another?

Even experts find it difficult to draw a quick conclusion, but they have noted that both the magnitudes and frequencies of the recent quakes are still "within a normal range."

It is hard to judge whether the Earth is experiencing another seismic active period, Randy Baldwin, a geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey, told Xinhua.

He said that the quake-prone zones around the world could see strong shocks coming at any time, but so far there have been no signs of connection between seismic activities in different zones.

The causes of the earthquakes are complicated, experts say, while pointing out that the geographic location of Japan and Indonesia, both of which sit right on the Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt, is the main factor behind their frequent quakes.

The belt, which extends all the way through the U.S. Pacific coast, China's Taiwan, the Philippines and New Zealand, releases about three quarters of quake-discharged energy from the interior of our planet. It has earned a befitting name - the Pacific Ring of Fire.

While it seems too early to sound the alarm against a new wave of disastrous earthquakes, some scientists insist that certain "high risk zones" do require a close watch.

The southern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in southwest China always has a high geological activeness, and is now entering a "clustering period" of massive quakes above magnitude 7.0, warned Xu Xiwei, a researcher at the Institute of Geology under the China Earthquake Administration.

"We have to make further studies to better understand the seismic trends in that region," said Xu.

Ni Yulan

Observers slam hidden agenda to promote ideology

The US is trying to smear China's image and stir trouble Cheap Baltimore Orioles Hats , analysts said, as US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday recognized 14 women for International Women for Courage Award, including Chinese activist Ni Yulan.

"The purpose of such an award is to demonstrate that the West supports and sides with justice, and therefore proves that China does not support justice and suppresses activists … Behind [the award] there is a hidden agenda to promote the political ideology of the West Cheap Baltimore Orioles T-Shirts ," Wang Sixin, a law professor at the Communication University of China, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

Kerry on Tuesday recognized 14 women for the women's courage award for advocating for human rights, democracy and gender equality. One of the recipients Cheap Baltimore Orioles Hoodies , Ni Yulan, a Chinese activist, told the Voice of America's Mandarin service that she was barred from traveling to the US as local authorities refused to issue her a passport.

"The fact that Kerry was present at the award ceremony shows that the award is guided by the US government with the help of the US media," Wang said.

"The US media are in fact driven by politics and often serve US national interests Custom Baltimore Orioles Jerseys ," Wang noted.

His opinion was echoed by Liu Huawen, a human rights scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"The topic of human rights is an old Western trick of political correctness. They often choose to stir up stories of certain people that would spark public debate," the human rights scholar told the Global Times on Wednesday.

"Ni was an advocate against demolitions, female Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys , disabled and a longtime dissident of the Chinese government. It's easy to label her [as a fighter] and achieve the best effect," Liu said.

Ni, 56, is a self-proclaimed civil rights lawyer and allegedly began practicing in 1986. She was arrested twice Zach Britton Orioles Jersey , first in 2002 for "disrupting public services" and in 2011 for "fraud" and "trouble-making," Wu Danhong, an assistant professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times on Wednesday about his face-to-face talks with Ni.

According to an article published by the Southern People Weekly Magazine Ubaldo Jimenez Orioles Jersey , prosecutors in the first trial claimed that Ni supported the use of violence to stop workers from demolishing a house and kicked a police officer in his private parts.

Wu wrote on his blog in 2014 under the pen name Wu Fatian that he found Ni had lied about being a lawyer and faked her undergraduate and graduate degrees, after careful research.

Wu went on to question Ni's other records.

Pomerantz LLP said on Monday that it was looking into the claims on behalf of investors of Qihoo 360 Technology after world's three major testing labs accused Qihoo 360 of cheating in security products. [Photo by Da Wei Asianewsphoto]

Pomerantz LLP said on Monday that it was looking into the claims on behalf of investors of Qihoo 360 Technology after world's three major testing labs accused Qihoo 360 of cheating in security products.

The investigation centers around whether Qihoo 360 and certain of its officers andor directors have violated Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, according to the announcement originally distributed via SproutNews, a US third-party content provider.

On Thursday Mark Trumbo Orioles Jersey , three of the world's most renowned security testing bodies - AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin - issued a joint statement alleging that the Chinese Internet company submitted a version that was engineered for testing and different from that offered to consumers with a "considerably lower level of protection".

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