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you would think might be worsened by a highly

I believe the Pearl Izumi EM shoes also have a rocker effect as they move the take off point 25mm further back than conventional shoes. I also agree with Adam that a wider more natural toe area must help spread forces and cramped toe boxes can cause forefoot pain as can stiffness of the shoe if it is not combined with rocker. I got foot pain in the earlier Hokas but no longer in Clifton and Huaka. As far as the fractures ,running every day in minimally cushioned shoes on the road can’t be good. www.robertrizzo.nl Most are not born or adapted to run barefoot or near barefoot on the road. A mix of shoe types for different surfaces and purposes the way toI’ve been running in Hokas for 2.5 years Nike Air Max Thea Femme now and the difference has been nothing short of miraculous. Caution required on all of the following statements, the usual caveat “sample of one” applies.
General foot pain, especially forefoot pain was greatly reduced upon switching to the Hokas. I’ve found I can really load up the forefoot without any pain whatsoever.
I never had any diagnosed stress fractures, but always had very irritated feet to the point where doing things like standing in line at the grocery store was very uncomfortable during periods of heavy training. Those days are gone.
I think prior to the Hokas I was a mild heel striker. I believe now more of a mid-foot to forefoot striker. I think this happened as a result of being able to move footstrike forward thanks to lack of pain when doing so. It’s my perception only, not the result of studying high speed Nike Air Max 98 Womens video analysis.
The counterintuitive result is that Achilles problems are greatly reduced (not eliminated), which you would think might be worsened by a highly cushioned, low-drop shoe. I was Nike Air Force 1 Femme at the point of giving up running due to Achilles issues. If the heel is not loaded as much up during any part of the gait cycle, does this put less stress on the Achilles? That’s the only thing I can come up with to explain the Achilles improvement.
My general thought on these studies is that they are way too simplified. Looking at “rocker”, heel-to-forefoot “drop”, cushion versus no cushion is ignoring very complicated dynamics of both foot, shoe, and runner. For example, what is the “drop” of a Hoka shoe? The static measurement is from 2 to 6 mm depending on the model. But if you have a shoe with massive cushioning in the forefoot, and the Nike Air Max Command Femme forefoot sinks into this by several mm, then is it not really a much higher “dynamic drop”? So perhaps the static view of the shoes is not so useful?
I’ve also been successful in the Altra Nike Air VaporMax Femme Olympus, but I have much lower mileage in them. I recently tried a pair of Adidas Energy Boost, and so far not doing well in them (more testing required).



2018-05-24 06:02:26



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