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What are the specific steps to decorate the wall

What are the specific steps to decorate the wall?
The design of many units is now not perfect, and everyone has their own plans, so many owners want to demolish part of the wall when they get the house for renovation, so that the functional area can be divided reasonably. However, it is necessary to pay attention to safety when dismantling a wall, otherwise there is a potential danger.composite cork flooring price Japan Next, we will give you some steps and precautions for the renovation of the wall.
Renovation and demolition steps - the top beam cannot be removed
Some homeowners saw the beams of the house feeling a bit obtrusive during the renovation. They wanted to dismantle the protruding part. This is wrong, because the middle beam plays a role in bearing the load, supporting the above floor, forcing the demolition. If you lose it, the above floor will collapse directly, which will lead to disastrous consequences. It should also be noted that if some of the walls are also connected with beams,square hollow decking the walls can only be removed to the bottom of the beams.
Renovation and demolition steps - repair work after wall removal
After the wall is safely removed, the later repairs cannot be ignored. If you want to re-build a wall after you remove the original wall, you need to install a lacing on the newly built wall.Fire Resistant Wall Panel Lazi means that the construction of the old and new wall joints will be carried out. The old and new walls will be pulled with steel bars to ensure the stability of the wall.
Renovation and wall-removal steps - property approval before demolition
In general, after the building is completed, the design company will leave a drawing for the property. Which part of the drawing is the bearing wall and which part is the clear mark of the non-bearing wall. It will also indicate the thickness of the wall and the materials used. . According to the drawings, the property can determine which walls can be removed. cheap garden fence panelsTherefore, before the owner wants to reconstruct the wall, he must hand over the construction drawings designed by the designer to the property and get approval from the property before construction.



2018-05-11 00:53:56



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