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How To Get Increased Performance From Your Classifieds Website How To Get Increased Performance From Your Classifieds Website August 3, 2013 | Author: Joseph Yew | Posted in Internet Business Online

Some people love the thrill of creating a new free classifieds site Cheap Jerseys China Shop , but are very disinterested about maintaining the site. Yet, if you don’t keep your information current and there is nothing appealing about your website, you will lose viewers and probably won’t attract very many new ones. What to do? Put the following tips to good use!

Make sure you scrutinize the photos you use on your site carefully. If you use pictures of people, make sure that all the people in that photo look happy and friendly. Don’t forget to examine the people in the backgrounds of these images! Put relevant captions to these photos so your users can identify the feeling of your page and relate, but make sure it doesn’t just look like another advertisement for toothpaste.

A big turnoff for many users is when a free classifieds site doesn’t work on their browser. Designing your website for only one type of browser will make you lose tons of traffic. Make it compatible to as many browsers as possible so that users can have the full experience your site has to offer. Keep in mind that everyone won’t be using the same browser.

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Add all your information regarding educational background, experience and any other professional qualification because people like to deal with professionals. If you do this then people get aware that the person that they deal with is an expert of this field. So it’s good to present your credentials on your page.

The logo of your free classifieds site should be on the top left side, and the menu for the site should be to its right or just below it. Make sure the logo is clickable and links back to the home page. This is pretty standard on most websites, so users will expect this functionality from yours Cheap Jerseys Shop , as well.

Spending a lot of time and money to make your site’s pages beautiful may be a waste if few visitors stick around to admire them because of slow loads. Keeping your pages fairly short and breaking up lengthy content over a couple pages can shorten load times while improving the user experience.

Effectively drawing in users can be done with unique and eye-catching designs on a free classifieds site. Heavy graphics slow loading time even if they do catch the user’s eye. Slow loading time turns users off. Design your own for uniqueness and keep them light.

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