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Victorino Takes Pride In Gold Glove At Two Positions - RealGM Wiretap
Shane Victorino was announced as the Gold Glove winner for the American League in right field earlier this week in his first season with the Boston Red Sox.

Victorino won a Gold Glove as a center fielder with the Philadelphia Phillies in three-straight seasons (2008-10).

"I think it means a lot. More than anything I think the magnitude of moving to right field Kevin Johnson Texans Jersey , the magnitude of playing in Fenway Park, this was a big surprise," Victorino said of winning a Gold Glove at a new position.

"In regards to not surprise Greg Mancz Texans Jersey , the fact that I won, a surprise more than anything for me was, everybody talked about -- I took it as a surprise about how everybody talked about how hard Fenway Park in right field was to play. I've always worked hard on my defense. And I've always taken pride in my defense."

Fernando Rodney In Active Talks With Four Teams - RealGM Wiretap

Fernando Rodney is in "active talks" with multiple teams and the Arizona Diamondbacks Max Bullough Texans Jersey , Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres are all in the mix.

Rodney struggled with the Seattle Mariners in 2015, but turned things around following a trade to the Cubs.

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2017-02-16 09:25:18



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