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A favourite technique of ours is to say something

Here's an Analogy we use in The Nice Factor Book:

  Let's say you're a burglar. The second house has a Yale and a Chubb lock on the front door.' Then use whatever tool fits the situation. Keep your body language as still as possible. There's a row of identical houses and you're thinking of having a go at five of them. If you let someone have their whole say without interrupting, they could get the impression you're interested and willing. In fact, you ignore those feelings at your peril.'

http://blog.livedoor.jp/pumpbearing2018 … 23761.html

  Any of these little tips can help you feel more confident and will support your new behaviour. The fifth house has a Yale and a Chubb lock on the front door, bars on the window, a burglar alarm and a Rottweiler. Knowing what to do or say is not the issue here.

http://pumpbearing2018.blogspot.com/201 … es-in.html

  The idea of choice is very important..

  What also makes it easier is that we all just have to get better at 'the art of saying no'; none of us has to change our whole personalities to create a more satisfying outcome!

https://panafia.com/documents/238/52/sh … cts-co-ltd

  . All the while they get no message to the contrary, they will think you're on board with their plan (to get you to do whatever. You become more burglar-proof.. It isn't. As soon as you see someone bearing down on you (and your heart sinks because you know they're going to ask for something), let them know you know: 'Hi there! I know what you want.


  Well, no it isn't, and here's why. They can choose it because they want to; it is to their advantage.

  Of course, there are times when saying the 'n' word is a necessity.)

  It's all right to interrupt! A favourite technique of ours is to say something along the lines of, 'I'm really sorry; I'm going to interrupt you. The first is that the rage happens inside the head and remains unexpressed.



2018-04-23 08:05:33



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