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HOWTO: Add a Link in Menu

If you want to add a link in the menu at the top of the page (where Index and Register/Login/Logout are) you will need to go into the Administration panel (admin_index.php) and click on Options (admin_options.php). Once you get there, scroll down until you see Additional menu items. I the box to the right of it, put

X = <a href="link">Text</a>

Replace X with the number of links right on the menu. For example, if you want Text to be the second link, you would replace X with 2. Replace "link" with the URL of the web page you wish the link to go to. Make sure you keep the quotation marks ("). Finally, replace "Text" with whatever you want the link to say. If you wish to make the link open in a new window, modify the code to look like this:

X = <a href="link" target="_blank">Text</a>

Make the same modifications as you did with the uppermost code.



2006-11-23 16:27:32



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