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What James Malinchak Educated Me About The Power Of A Handwritten Note By Andrea Adams-Miller What James Malinchak Educated Me About The Power Of A Handwritten Note By Andrea Adams-Miller April 24 Piumini Moncler Suyen Bambino Lunghi Nere Scontati , 2013 | Author: Rubin Price | Posted in Marketing
I must admit I felt a bit giddy when I was given my first handwritten note from James Malinchak. I was excited that he took the time to write me. With James being a busy millionaire, I was impressed that he appreciated little ole me as someone worth his time. Well, come to find out after many years of working with him that I am of value, and I am worth people’s time. You see, James’ simple gesture in that handwritten note and the ones that followed made me feel more confident in myself and my business. While I’d been successful with relationship consulting for personal and professional relationships, I still had a doubt about where my business could go and how successful I could become. However, that first note, together with the others Piumini Moncler Bulgare Bambino Marrone Scontati , made me think differently about myself and my business.

You see, according to James Malinchak, we never know the impact of our words and actions. While some audience members would take more from his teachings at his boot camp, some of his clients who have received those handwritten notes take them as something to be proud of in their lives. There’s a sense of pride that comes when you know somebody is vested in you and your business success. There is a sense of accomplishment you feel when James writes how he has noticed the achievements you have made in your business. That encouragement pushes you to do even more as you want to make him proud of you even more, and honestly, you want yourself to be more successful, as well.

The more I’ve become close with other of James Malinchak’s clients, I’ve noticed a lot of us have followed his example. For instance Piumini Moncler Nantesfur Bambino Bianche Scontati , 2 handwritten notes that stand out to me at this time are notes from John Formica, The Ex Disney Guy. He sent me a beautiful note with a testimonial in it, and Gary Barnes of Gary Barnes International who sent me a lovely personal note. These are just 2 examples of people who reached out to thank me. I’m not saying that they only sent them because James suggested they follow that practice. However, I could say that they’re both James Malinchak’s clients. Personally, I’d sent handwritten notes to people, however, after seeing how successful James is and after getting so many personal notes from him, I upped how frequently I send handwritten notes myself.

There’s a joy that comes in writing them and receiving handwritten notes. When I write Piumini Moncler Bambino Daim Rosa Scontati , I’m taking the time to reach out to people I really care about either personally or professionally. The messages are received as more genuine, so they’re more significant than an email or a social media message. While those notes are nice, too, there’s a feeling of presence and authenticity that comes from your words in your handwriting. It doesn’t matter how fancy or sloppy you write, it doesn’t matter how poetic you are in your wording. What matters is that you took the time to write the message and have the message sent to them. What matters is what you say is from the heart.

Remarkably, James Malinchak saves all of the thank you cards he gets and proudly shows them off on his shelf. It makes him feel good to see them, and it makes us, his clients Piumini Moncler Bambino Herbert Scuro Blu Scontati , feel good to see them whenever we visit him at his house. We, then, know we’re not alone in feeling grateful for his coaching. Begin writing notes yourself and test the results. I’m guessing that if you follow James Malinchak’s example of writing notes all the time, you, too, will see the difference in your relationships. Also, begin saving your notes. I scan mine and post them on social media from time to time to allow others to share I the feel good moment. Chances are you’ll begin receiving them back and be able to share in the feeling of support, encouragement as well as success. Ultimately Piumini Moncler Fragon Bambino Bianche Scontati , I hope you see the value in sending a handwritten note to your family, friends, clients, as well as potential customers, so you can improve your business relationships.

Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, is the CEO and Founder of Ignite Your Relationships, LLC. She is a keynote speaker Piumini Moncler Dominic Bambino Nere Scontati , relationship and business relationship consultant, columnist, international award winning radio show host, and best-selling author. She shows people how to create, retain, as well as sustain REAL lucrative relationships for life! She’s a platinum member of James Malinchak.

James Malinchak, Presented on ABC’s Hit Tv Show Secret Millionaire, is recognized as by many people industry experts as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Free Video Trainings regarding how to get money to speak and the way to be a become a motivational speaker gilet moncler donne scontati , try click here and learn more.

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