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The Solution to Your Biggest Sales Challenge The Solution to Your Biggest Sales Challenge June 7 Cheap Lane Johnson Jersey , 2012 | Author: Bob Richards | Posted in Marketing
Insurance professionals inform us that life insurance marketing, acquiring new business, is their #1 challenge. But it is ridiculous as daily, thousands of people send checks to Fidelity, to Vanguard, to USAA, Prudential, Hancock, as well as other financial services companies that don’t even have a sales team. So there is no lack of prospective buyers; its that life insurance reps, annuity sellers, financial advisors Cheap Caleb Sturgis Jersey , stockbrokers–they mostly chase after prospective customers rather than pull them in, as the big organizations do.

How do the big companies do it and could you, a single financial professional use the same tactic? The biggest financial services companies employ a simple financial services marketing and advertising system. They provide a free offer, an educational booklet on a specific financial topic. Who orders it? The prospect that have interest! The firm places an ad in the newspaper, usually in the Sunday business section. By Monday, they have accumulated a few hundred responses. That’s how they get motivated prospects who are authentically interested in the firm’s financial services. No chasing prospects because the prospect come to them! Independent insurance agents and financial advisors usually chase prospects and waste a lot of time doing so. Or, they wait for referrals which they cannot control. If the advisor is proactive, he may pursue time inefficient activities such as cold calling and networking because these activities have no cost. But, a small investment will go a long way because the individual financial advisor or insurance agent can utilize the same successful approach as the big financial product providers.

The good news is that you don’t need a big budget for effective insurance or financial services marketing. You DO need to have to supply “info documents” like the big firms do. But if you can write your own in a few hours or if you subscribe to Prospect Match, you can use the 8 free reports they provide. As an example, look in this Sunday’s newspaper. You’ll see some offers presenting booklets or reports such as “How to Have a Worry Free Retirement” or “Costly Errors When Rolling Your IRA.” Fidelity Cheap Brandon Brooks Jersey , Merrill Lynch and other major financial institutions get thousands of phone contacts from motivated and interested prospective investors who will place millions of dollars with them. So why do you run after prospects (or wait for them to call) rather than use the same tactic of baiting prospective customers call you?

You don’t need to have lots of money to advertise within the Sunday newspaper. You may use the web for incredibly low cost. You may use Adwords pay per click advertising or run text ads on certain websites. For example, doing a search on “Columbus Ohio senior” uncovered 6 web web sites that cater to senior citizens in that city. Seems like a good place to run an ad for your guide “Good and Bad of Annuities.” The rates for these ads ranged from $20 to $50 per month– quite affordable. I started by own practice exactly this way with a $52 ad in a senior citizen newspaper advertising such a guide. I was then speaking with the curious men and women rather than making use of a shot gun approach trying to contact anyone that would listen.

Here’s the summary. Mr Smith sees your free booklet offer and calls for your booklet (or fills out a form on-line). You send the written material the same day. You call two days later with a non-threatening approach concerning feedback about the booklet from Mr. Smith. You ask lots of questions (refrain from talking about yourself or your services) and have the potential prospect reveal the reason that motivated them to call for your report. You will convert a significant number of these financial sales leads into appointments. Of my first 6 calls, I had three appointments that same week.

Here’s another side benefit. I send workshop invitations to the prospects who requested the booklet, and over 30% attended. Now you know how, on a small budget, to find the right prospective customers Does this method of financial services marketing or insurance marketing sound better than cold calling?

Any insurance agent or financial professional can quickly gain clients with this resource on investor leads

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