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An MSDS is required for all hazardous substances or dangerous chemicals as defined by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission.
MSDS Required Information
The MSDS for any given chemical must be clearly stated in English. It must include the product name, the product’s ingredients and the proportions in the formulation. The information should also include the physical or chemical properties of the solution.
The MSDS must also state any hazard information about the product as well as information on the safe use and handling of the product. Information on first aid is also required so that users are well aware of how to react in case there is an accident or a misuse of the product. It should also be indicated if the chemical is too dangerous to be transported. Also included in the MSDS are the manufacturer’s name, address and phone number.
Any changes in the formulation of the product would require a review of the MSDS as the changes could affect the health and safety risks involved with the use of the product. If there are new findings about any substances used in the product, then the MSDS must be revised to inform about the health risks. The MSDS information should also be reviewed at least after every five years to ensure that the information is current.
MSDS Distribution
Product MSDS is not meant for the use of the everyday consumer. Instead Cheap NFL Jerseys China , it is only intended for use in an occupational setting. It can be in paper and microfiche copy, or it may be in computerised or internet-based databases.
Upon request from the client, Custom Chemicals International provides MSDS data for its Brisbane Cleaning Chemicals and related products. As a toll manufacturer, Custom Chemicals International is committed to provide necessary information to its clients for their proper guidance in the use of the company’s various products.
Since some of the company’s clients are using the products in a workplace, they would be required to have a copy of the MSDS. You can learn more about how to get an MSDS from the company at http:customchem.au.
An MSDS is a very important document provided by the manufacturer to occupational users of chemicals. It must be kept accessible and easy to find for workers to conveniently find needed information regarding safe handling and emergency situations.

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