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virgil abloh reconstructs 10 of nike's most iconic sneakers

District of Columbia nike air max paint drip gathered for what would become the apex of our nearly two-year campaign: a picket line outside Nike’s flagship store in the Georgetown neighborhood of  Washington, DC. M Street echoed with chants of “What’s disgusting? Union busting! What’s outrageous? Nike wages! ” Signs of scissors cutting the Nike logo bobbed alongside signs reading Nike and Nike Lies in the familiar midsummer  drizzle. Business for the day plummeted, as it did in the 25 cities across the world we joined in a Global Day of Action. In DC, the Nike store manager watched as the protesters blocked the sidewalk for hours, in his hand a letter that  made our message clear: We demanded justice. That was eight weeks ago. On August 30, as the iconic Healy Hall clock tower chimed at 4: 30 pm on the first day of classes, Georgetown finally announced its new licensing contract with Nike. After two years of meetings with administrators, protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations, for the first time ever, Nike signed a contract that ensures full, independent access for the nike air max 90 candy  drip Rights Consortium, the world’s only independent monitoring agency for factories. Nike has benefited from unique arrangements with Georgetown since the school’s rise to basketball prominence in the early 1980s, when the  corporation signed its first of many multimillion-dollar licensing and athletic contracts with the university. Today, the relationship has only strengthened. Georgetown currently holds the largest Air Jordan contract in the country; the  university’s former basketball coach John R. Thompson Jr. even serves on Nike’s Board of Directors. These close ties to Georgetown have afforded the company more leeway than other licensees, such as Adidas and Under Armour: Nike, for  example, is the sole brand not required to sign the university’s code of conduct, which gives Georgetown the authority to select an independent monitor to investigate labor abuses.

Then air max 90 halloween for sale more than a year after the initial Hansae strike and university pressure that it prompted, WRC released its report, which detailed everything we had feared. Investigators described such labor abuses as wage theft, forced overtime, exposure to unsafe chemicals, padlocked exit doors, and dangerously high temperatures that caused numerous workers to collapse unconscious. Managers regularly  dismissed women who became pregnant, denied them light duty, and in some cases compelled them to work beyond the legal limit. As many had feared, Georgetown Hoya apparel, from team uniforms to gift-shop T-shirts, was being sewn in  factories that perpetrated some of the worst abuses characteristic of sweatshops. The report prompted GSC to launch a final action, in hopes of pressuring the Georgetown administration to take stronger action against Nike—in order to be  effective, our actions had to hurt the corporation’s bottom line. On campus, we met with university administrators through the Licensing Oversight Committee; presented Georgetown’s Chief of Staff with a letter; expanded our student  coalition through personal outreach; and, after months of dead-end meetings with administrators, escalated our protests: first a three-day barefoot protest, then a full day of jamming the phone lines of the president’s office, then  holding a party in president DeGioia’s office to congratulate him on his lukewarm commitment to workers’ rights, complete with a cake. Still, as the December 31 expiration of Georgetown’s licensing deal with Nike neared, the  corporation gave no indication it would sign on to the university’s code of conduct. If it chose not to, Georgetown would have to decide between upholding the rights of workers or maintaining a lucrative business deal with the world’s  largest sports air max 90 halloween brand.



2017-09-16 03:22:12



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