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Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of new posters on the site. This has led to an increased number of repeated questions and, unfortunately, an increased amount of poor posting etiquette. This topic aims to help new posters and old posters alike by providing helpful reminders about what to think about when posting.

Before you post, here's a checklist of things to consider:

1. Have you used the forum's search function to see if someone else has already asked a similar question? Have you looked in the Guides and How-Tos forum to see if your question is answered in one of the how-tos? Questions do not need to be asked over and over again.
2. If your problem is not specific to PunBB-Hosting (eg: it's a general HTML question), please try to use other outside resources (eg: Google) before posting. This forum is really only meant for PunBB/FluxBB/PunBB-Hosting specific questions: if you have other questions related to your forum, only a limited amount of help can and will be provided.
3. Make sure you have written a descriptive subject. Some examples of non-descriptive subjects are "Question" and "Need help". The subject should contain some information about your problem or question. For instance, if you're asking about adding text to the bottom of your site, an acceptable subject would be something alone the lines of "Adding text to the bottom of the page" or "How do I add text?" The more descriptive and specific you are, the better.
4. Please provide all relevant information. If you're asking a question about your site, provide a link to it. If you're asking a question about a file you uploaded, provide a copy of the contents of the file. In general, provide any information that may be relevant: if not enough information is provided, it just makes it that much harder to solve your issue.



2009-05-29 05:49:22



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