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According to Italian journalist and commentator Beppe Severgnini, the themes Zalone selects resonate with the Italian public: in "Quo vado?" Zalone's character is holding on to the age-old Italian desire to stay with an adequate job for life, something seen with nostalgia by many because it is under threat by globalization.

"When [films] strike it big, it means they've tapped into something in the national psyche," Severgnini wrote.

Similarly Marcos Alonso Chelsea Jersey , "Sole a catinelle" is about a cash-strapped Italian father who tries to put together a dream vacation for his young son without spending any money. "Che bella giornata," meanwhile, is about a bumbling want-to-be policeman working as a security guard who inadvertently gets manipulated by a group of wrongdoers.

"It's very difficult to know exactly why Zalone's films have become so popular," Lionello Cerri, president of Italy's national cinema association, told Xinhua. "He's a very funny artist, a comic who is easy to like, and he avoids overexposure. What I mean is he doesn't do much in public between films Antonio Rudiger Chelsea Jersey , so the interest builds up."

Cerri went on: "But there's also something intangible that is very difficult to identify," he said.

"Quo vado?" is still going strong, and if Zalone's timing holds, it will be late in 2017 at the earliest before Italy finds out if he, Nunziante, and Valsecchi can stretch their run of smash hit comedies to four films. But it would be hard to bet against them.

What does Zalone think of the fact that Italy's all-time box office champion is not a critically celebrated actor like Marcello Mastroianni or Vittorio Gassman, or one of the legendary directors mentioned previously? Asked that question in an interview after the success of his previous film, Zalone had a perfect answer:

"All I can say is that it's fortunate they're all dead Kepa Arrizabalaga Chelsea Jersey ," Zalone deadpanned. "Otherwise, they'd be furious."

Cheerleading is a sport which includes tumbling, dance, jumps and stunting to direct event's spectators to cheer on sports teams at games and matches. The athlete involved is called a cheerleader. Cheerleading is famous in America and soccer matches. But with cheerleading competition by ESPN International and the worldwide release of the 2000 film Bring it On they are famous now in Australia, China, Colombia, France, Germany Eden Hazard Chelsea Jersey , Japan and United Kingdom. The team of cheerleading includes:

School-sponsored: Most American high schools and colleges have organized cheerleading squads made up of students. Several colleges that compete at cheerleading competitions offer cheerleading scholarships.

Youth league: Many organizations had sponsored youth league football or basketball cheerleading squads.

Gradually with their popularity in 1986 National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) was formed with rules and regulations. Even coach was appointed for keeping their routines in a constant state of flux, detracting from time that should be utilized to develop skills and provide personal attention to their athletes. The USASF hosted the first Cheerleading Worlds on April 24, 2004, where cheerleading coaches from all over the country organized and made the National All Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress. During competition routine, a squad performs choreographed stunting, tumbling, jumping and dancing to their own custom music. Teams create their routines to an eight-count system.

All-star cheerleaders are placed into divisions, which are grouped based upon age Marcin Bulka Jersey , size of the team, gender of participants, and ability level. The age levels vary from under 4 year of age to 18 years and over. There are two main forms of routines are:
1. Pompon dances: involving pompons and jumps but no stunts, tricks or gymnastics.
2. Cheer dances: involving gymnastics, jumps, cheers, stunts, signs Ethan Ampadu Jersey , pomes.

Thus guideline to cheer dances includes:
1. Music ? There are two snippets of music ? it includes with strong beat.
2. Cheer ? There are usually at least two cheers or chants involved in the routine. These are easy to make up and should be aimed at trying to involve the crowd.
3. Gymnastics: these should be incorporated into the routine by the team. From basic forward rolls and cartwheels to flicks and aerials.
4. Jumps: These must be included ? tucks, toe touch jumps, straddles, pikes etc.
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