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SKOPJE Markus Golden Color Rush Jersey , May 23 (Xinhua) -- A court in Macedonia ruled Tuesday prison sentencing to nine people accused of participating in violent acts in the country's parliament on April 27, local media reported.

Nine men had pleaded guilty and expressed repentance over the violence exerted within the parliaments hall where more than 100 people were injured, including the head of the Social Democratic Union Zoran Zaev and head of the Alliance for Albanians, Ziadin Sela.

Skopje court imposed six-month suspended jail sentences on all of them.

Macedonian parliament was stormed on April 27 by a group of VMRO-DPMNE supporters after SDSM and Albanian parties MPs elected Talat Xhaferri as the new speaker.

More than 30 people were suspected of being involved in violent acts, but only nine of them were sent to the court.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry had suspended 16 police officers for their failure to prevent the violent storming of the parliament building by nationalist protesters.

The attack was strongly condemned by EU senior officials who said such acts hampered Macedonia's aspirations to join the NATO and the EU.

On the other hand D.J. Humphries Color Rush Jersey , the representatives of SDSM have accused the MPs of VMRO-DPMNE of being directly involved in the violence in parliament, calling them as the initiators of those criminal acts.

Macedonia's SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is currently holding talks with ethnic Albanian parties to form a new government within ten days.

Aviation maintenance industry in Xiamen yields 12.11 billion yuan in 2016

In pics: Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River in N China

Kindergarten in Hebei holds activity to greet Dragon Boat Festival

People visit painting exhibition at Suzhou Art Museum

Tourists visit lily garden in SW China's Guizhou

In pics: scenery of cliffs in Guoliang Village

Cheongsam lovers give performance in east China

Pic story: Technique of making Jianzhan porcelain


A Chinese-American professor has been roundly criticized in China for his "superiority complex" over and prejudice against Chinese who have recently migrated to the US, after publishing an article calling them "fresh off the boat" and for claiming they "believe themselves to be better than other people of color."

"I doubt whether Wu is still living in the 19th century based on his description of Chinese people," Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Thursday.

"The most recent set of newcomers from Asia T. J. Logan Color Rush Jersey , in particular those arriving from China, do not share our commitments…Everywhere I encounter them…they complain. They are frustrated," Frank H. Wu, a distinguished professor at the University of California at San Francisco's Hastings College of the Law, wrote in an article published in The Huffington Post on March 18.

"They [new immigrants] seem to be as angry with Asian Americans as they are about whites and blacks," Wu said Chad Williams Color Rush Jersey , repeating that a "fresh off the boat" stereotype of these new immigrants is "too much bling, not enough lining up in an orderly manner; nose-picking, spitting, bad driving, passive-aggressive conduct, and Budda Baker Color Rush Jersey , let us hope, at least no dog-eating."

"Coming from a different culture, new immigrants will undergo a tough time integrating into the American society, and, therefore, should be tolerated and helped during the period Haason Reddick Color Rush Jersey ," Li noted.

Wu said that new Chinese migrants do not join "whatever protest you are organizing" - from "diversity in higher education to 'illegal' immigration to LGBT rights to police brutality to corporal punishment to capital punishment."

Liu Weidong, a research fellow at the Institute of American Studies of the China Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that "new immigrants do not know how to exercise their rights in a society they just arrived in."

"In addition, many new Chinese immigrants are rich, capable of living in the US with little changes to the lifestyle they used to enjoy in China, thus intensifying the clash between new and old immigrants Christian Kirk Color Rush Jersey ," Liu explained.

Of the 1.38 million foreign-born people who moved to the US in 2015, 143,200 came from China, just behind India with 179,800, according to the US Migration Policy Institute.

Back pain is pain actually felt in the back and experts say this type of pain usually originates from the nerves Josh Rosen Color Rush Jersey , bones, muscles and other structures connected in the spine as well as it is also known as dorsalgia. The most common types of back pains are tailbone pain, lower back pain, neck pain and upper back pain and sometimes it may have a sudden onset or worse, mostly experienced by every person especially elders. Back pains can be constant or irregular and you may also feel it radiate to other parts or areas of the body and even though almost all people normally experience back pain, this can be serious and fatal too if it is causing weakness or numbness in different parts of the body already as it can be a sign of serious medical problems like bowel and bladder incontinence or progressive weakness in the legs Carson Palmer Color Rush Jersey , unexplained weight loss and fever, bone fracture or injury from an accident, osteoporosis or multiple myeloma, and cancer.

Due to these problems and complaints there have been inventions designed for back pain treatment or medication of this cause, but before treating, one should seek an expert to understand first what causes it piercing or burning sensation in the back as it is very important to seek a physician to do tests to make diagnoses what is really causing the pain. This initial step has an exception though Patrick Peterson Color Rush Jersey , and this is if you are completely immobilized from a terrible back injury and this may require you r condition to appropriately tested according to your condition like testing your nerve functions, touching your body to . Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Cheap NBA Jerseys China   Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale NHL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale MLB Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Basketball Jerseys



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