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In most cases legal minimum policy is not there to provide decent cover for policyholders. Indeed it does not include most things other than the claims that might arise out of causing losses to other individuals in a vehicle accident. Whilst state authorities make sure that third party claims are insured they leave it up to individuals to insure their own losses.

It is sensible as such innocent parties should not worry about your ability to meet their losses. Their rights are safeguarded by requiring a minimum cover onto every driver. So you should not make the mistake of assuming that you are well covered as you bought the minimum car insurance demanded in your state. You should evaluate your situation and start adding the cover you believe you need.

Some usual mistakes are that people drop some of the essential policy contents, have high deductible and do not investigate the claim payment history of vehicle insurance providers.

As a result they may face financial losses that they can not pay out of their pocket. For example you could drop the comprehensive and collision covers to lower your insurance cost. However if you do not have sufficient spare cash to replace your vehicle or pay for repairs you would not be able to get your mobility back.

So you need to consider the worst case situation and go over your choices. It might be sensible to find an insurer who would not penalize you for paying the premium in installments instead of giving up on key covers.

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