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Below, three of the most powerful industrial cutting tools are explained in an easy to understand way. Some basic guidelines will also be given as to what is the most suitable situation to use these machines in.

Water Jet

A water jet cutter basically does as its name would suggest – it cuts metal with a jet of water. This jet of water is highly pressurised and is then mixed with an abrasive substance. This mix is fired at the item that needs to be cut.

This method is commonly used for both metal and granite. Water jet cutting is a technique that is particularly useful for cutting materials that cannot withstand the heat that is generated by other cutting methods.

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If you told someone you were about to use a plasma cutter, they might picture a scene from a science fiction movie. However these machines are definitely not fictional and are highly capable of cutting a wide range of materials effectively.

This process utilises a 'plasma torch'. This machine blows out highly compressed gas which is then ignited by an electrical arc. This results in the formation of plasma, which is an extremely hot substance capable of easily cutting through most metals. Most professional welding shops will have a plasma cutter available.

Safety is paramount with plasma cutters and operators of this machine will generally wear the same level of protective equipment as they would when welding.


Laser cutters seem very futuristic to most Kyle Schwarber Jersey , but they are increasingly being used by both hobbyists and heavy industry as a powerful cutting tool.

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