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Olympic fever is spreading worldwide, thanks to an interestingly choreographed version of the 2008 Summer Games manufactured as is so much else in the world by the Chinese.

The 2008 Summer Games began with a brilliant (though partially digitally created) Opening Ceremony, running through a series of events in which the Chinese seem to be carrying the day or at least the largest number of gold medals, and soon to culminate in that Christmas Afternoon of all let downs the Closing Ceremony.

According to some pundits, more people worldwide have watched these Olympic Games than the last two summer series. Part of that increase in viewership may be attributed to the fact that televisions in most Chinese households are expected to be tuned to the hometown spectacle. Americans are interested in seeing if this year s Dream Team beats the debacle of the past two Dream Teams and actually wins a gold medal, and certainly were chuffed to see Michael Phelps amazing achievements in the blue Eric Decker Jersey , blue water of Beijing.

It s always a big draw to see the little American girls of the gymnastics team, and this year, there s no question that the head to head with China s very little girls made the Games that much more interesting. For me, the Chinese had a major advantage they weren t accompanied by B?la K?rolyi and his Really Romanian Wardrobe.

I sat with several couples one night and we watched the Games. Ostensibly, the reason we tuned in was to watch sporting events. It soon became clear, though Kevin Byard Jersey , that we were also going to spend a good deal of the evening making fun of the clothing of the judges, the commentators (or Common Taters, as we call them), and the coaches.

It does seem odd to me that the nation is so very interested in being certain that the best fashion designers put together the ensembles that the U.S. Olympic team will wear during the Parade of Nations. That s how our nation will be introduced the clothes are supposed to show us at our best. However, to let the bar drop so precipitously during the rest of the games smacks to me of Casual Fridays if you re looking professional for the rest of the week, why take a day off to look like crap?

The professionals who represent our country at the Olympics should keep that in mind.

For his part Derrick Henry Jersey , B?la, replete with Stalin mustache and very, very, odd, wide Hush Puppies shoes, looked like an Eastern European old guy on his way to an Elks Lodge dance. His tie was too light Jack Conklin Jersey , his jacket too flimsy. Overall, he gave the impression of a guy who got dressed in the dark.

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