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culminated with the Spartan Ultra

Alas, time heals all wounds, and eventually I was back to logging countless road mile after mile. It would be a year before I ran another obstacle course race (you would think the first one would have been enough), and another two years before the passion really took hold. While I enjoyed each mud run more than the previous one, it is hard to pinpoint the moment I realized I’d much rather trek through the muddy forest carrying heavy objects instead of run Yasso 800’s, but I can tell Nike Air Force 1 Womens you it came at the Nike Air Odyssey Hombre perfect time. While running had been something I ‘d enjoyed for years, I was finding myself becoming burnt out with training, as well as goals that were at that point in my life, unrealistic. I loved cross training, but was finding it incredibly hard to do the fun things while keeping my mileage up to meet my marathon training goals. I began to dread training, because it seemed I always fell short.And then I moved to Vermont, which pretty much sealed the deal. After spending the first five years of my running career in a suburban area In South Carolina, it now felt like an utter shame to run on pavement, when I had countless mountains and trails to choose from. My race calendar began to change as well, from countless road races to trail races and more “fun” mud runs…and eventually to more intense, competitive Nike Air Max 90 Homme obstacle course races. Adidas Superstar Womens Last year my season culminated with the Spartan Ultra Beast, a 30 (ish) mile obstacle course race up and down the unrelenting face of Killington Mountain. And I have never loved running more than I do today.Transitioning from a traditional road racer to an obstacle course racer has significantly increased my overall fitness levels. In the beginning, I quickly realized that while I was a decent, front-of-the-middle-of-the-pack runner, I was far from being considered in “great” shape. In obstacle racing, a Boston Qualifying time means nothing if you do not possess the upper body strength to pull yourself over a ten foot wall, or to the top of a muddy rope climb. On the other hand, upper body strength means nothing in this sport if you cannot run. Obstacle course racing, it seems, was a match made in my athletic Nike Air Max 95 Femme heaven.Heather Gannoe Nike Air Max 95 Femme pic 1My training sessions are far more versatile now; runs are almost always taken off road in hopes of finding any and every natural obstacle to traverse. Intervals of body weight strength and plyometric exercises, such as pushups, squats, burpees, and lunges, are added into tempo runs and speed work. And the versatility is not just a fun change in pace, it is required: many of the obstacles and challenges in these types of races are kept secret until race day. You must be physically prepared for anything, and mentally prepared for the unexpected.But without question, the best part of transitioning from a road racer to an obstacle course racer has been rekindling my passion for running and fitness. The necessity for my training to become more varied has allowed me to stop worrying about how many miles I ran that Nike Air Max 90 Womens week, or if I hit Nike Air Huarache Womens every single prescribed pace. Instead of constantly focusing on increasing my running endurance, I am now allowed to focus on conditioning my whole self, physically and mentally. And let’s face it: who doesn’t love to crawl around in mud pits and leap over fire? It appeals to my inner child, and goes against everything my mom always told me not to do.



2018-09-20 03:35:39



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