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By Dr. Grant Reffell

When people discuss back pain Grant Hill Jersey , it can often be misconstrued that back pain is confined to older generations (over 60). However, this is not necessarily the case, especially when discussing lower back pain. In fact, younger individuals (30-60 years of age) are more prone to lower back pain than older individuals.

What causes lower back pain?
There are many causes of lower back pain among younger individuals. Each cause has a unique set of symptoms and potential treatment strategies. While some of these conditions may require surgery Christian Laettner Jersey , in general there are non-invasive treatment options to help alleviate lower back pain. Here is a list of various conditions - and there symptoms - that can trigger lower back pain in younger people.
• Back muscle strain –A muscle strain can be extremely painful. It is generally caused by a sudden twisting or jerking movement, or when lifting a heavy object using the back instead of the legs. The symptoms are a sudden sharp or aching pain in the lower back starting immediately after the activity. Mobility is limited with a strain.
• Sciatica – Sciatica is a cause of lower back pain that is often overlooked among younger people. Many do not understand exactly what sciatica is. Sciatica is a condition caused by the sciatic nerve in the lower back becoming compressed. The symptoms of sciatica include pain and numbness along the sciatic nerve – which runs from the lower back down both legs and into the buttocks. Sciatica is often caused by a herniated disc in the back.
• Degenerative Disc Disease – Surprisingly, this condition can be found in people as young as 20 years old. This condition occurs when the discs between the vertebrae break down. While it is fairly common and treatable, it can cause back spasms Joe Smith Jersey , sharp lower back pain and sciatica.
• Isthmic Spondylolisthesis – Most people know this cause of lower back pain as a slipped disc. Slipped discs can drastically decrease mobility and instability, especially in certain positions. The symptoms of Isthmic Spondylolisthesisare a deep ache in the lower back that tends to increase in severity when the person is standing or walking. Strangely enough, slipped discs are caused by a fracture in the vertebrae during childhood. People often go years before the discomfort starts to increase and cause the deep lower back pain.
• Sacroiliac Joint Disease – The sacroiliac joint connects the base of the spine to the two hip bones. If this joint is too loose or too tight, sacroiliac joint disease can occur. This lower back pain tends to be most painful when sitting Mateen Cleaves Jersey , but will improve if the person is reclining or lying down flat. With sacroiliac joint disease, the discomfort is not confined to lower back pain, but can be present in the hips, groin and thighs as well.

While these may be the most common causes of lower back pain in younger adults between the ages of 30 and 60 Isiah Thomas Jersey , they are by no means the only causes. Different patients will experience different symptoms with each condition. The will also have various degrees of severity. As with any chronic lower back pain condition, it is best to see a back pain specialist or experienced chiropractor as soon as possible. This will ensure a correct diagnosis and hopefully a non-invasive and permanent pain management treatment plan.
ISLAMABAD, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Pakistani officials said Monday that the death toll of its nationals from the stampede during the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia had reached 76.

The death toll from the Sept. 24 stampede in Mina has risen to 769 while 934 were wounded, according to Saudi officials.

The accident took place amid a rush of the stoning as part of Hajj rituals. Muslim pilgrims throw stones on a wall representing devil.

Presenting a report in the Senate about the tragedy at Mina in Saudi Arabia Dennis Rodman Jersey , Pakistani Minister of State for Religious Affairs Pir Aminul Hasnat said 47 Pakistani pilgrims were also injured.

He said 29 pilgrim victims had been confirmed by the Saudi authorities. Of them, 28 have been buried in the Saudi city of Mecca.

The minister said, according to the relatives and eyewitnesses, there are 47 other Pakistanis who died in the stampede.

He said seven Pakistani pilgrims are still under treatment in hospitals while 40 others were discharged after treatment.

The minister said there are still 60 Pakistani pilgrims who remain missing.

He said personnel of Pakistani Hajj Mission initially participated in rescue and relief activities but the access was denied after Saudi Army and law enforcing personnel reached the scene of the tragedy.

He expressed the hope that the Saudi government would share outcome of the ongoing investigations in the incident.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs on Monday released names and other details of those killed and injured during the stampede.

Once the greens are cooked to your liking Terry Mills Jersey , just take the pot off the stove and make it possible for it to awesome for a number of minutes. Stir in the miso, then style to make guaranteed you like the seasoning, adjusting if you need to. Serve garnished with the sesame seeds – white or black seeds are nice with this soup. I hope you have enjoyment with this red lentil soup recipe, the newest of my nutritious vegan recipes Joe Dumars Jersey , and with the simple method for earning soup that follows.

Essential Soup Method

one. Start out with an onion and some garlic. Saute them in oil for a much more unique taste, or put them into boiling drinking water for a a lot more subtle broth. Include spices and herbs right here if you are sauteeing, as they will infuse into the oil and be carried through the soup. If you are not sauteeing, you can add seasoning when you like.

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