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THE HAGUE, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Dutch government declared late Sunday it rejects the executive order by U.S. President Donald Trump banning entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries and asked the United States for clarification.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders issued a joint statement with his German counterpart, Sigmar Gabriel, saying that the two countries' embassies in Washington "are urgently examining the consequences of the U.S. executive order for our citizens and residents with a double nationality," according to a release on the website of the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

"We are determined to protect the rights of our citizens and residents, and will discuss swiftly within the European Union (EU) about the necessary steps," the statement said.

The executive order by Trump bans citizens of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya from entering the United States in the coming three months, and also suspends refugees' entry for four months, in a bid to "protect Americans from terrorist attacks."

While emphasizing the resolve by the two countries to counter the dangers of terrorism effectively, the two foreign ministers highlighted that the war against terror "can only be won with a clear compass that rests on a solid foundation of values."

"In Europe, it is not our policy to stigmatize people on the basis of their background or their religion. We absolutely do not believe travel bans against millions of people because of their nationality, background or religion is the right means in the struggle against terrorism," they stated.

The Dutch foreign minister also issued a joint statement with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte over the issue earlier in the day.

"The Netherlands believes that refugees who flee war and violence deserve a safe haven, no matter what their background or religion is," they said. "We are alert to the possibility that potential terrorists abuse asylum procedures. Against this background, we are disappointed about the U.S. travel ban for residents of seven Muslim countries. We reject this travel ban."

The declaration was in response to calls by opposition parties to reject the controversial ban. "I want Rutte to speak out against this measure and that he will urge other EU countries to make a clear statement," said GroenLinks (GreenLeft) frontman Jesse Klaver.

The Socialist Party's (SP) Emile Roemer, PvdA's (Labor) Lodewijk Asscher and D66's (Democrats) Alexander Pechtold also showed their dissatisfaction with the same words. As expected, Geert Wilders, leader of the right wing populist Party of Freedom (PVV), was happy with the ban. "No more immigration from any Islamic country is exactly what we need, also in the Netherlands," Wilders said. "Islam and freedom are incompatible."

Around 70 people demonstrated in front of the entrance of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on Sunday night to protest against Trump's ban. After the protesters tried to enter the airport, the police held the group and one person was arrested. They carried banners with words such as "Trump psychopath" and "Stop Trump and Wilders."

WINDHOEK http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Presnel- … ce-Jersey/ , July 12 (Xinhua) -- To Elizabeth Murangi, schoolprincipal of Monte Christo Primary Project School in the Namibiancapital, the arrival of two container classrooms on Wednesday meansher students will be able to study indoors.

"This is a great transformation," said Murangi http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Paul-Pog … ce-Jersey/ , whose school hasbeen housed in temporary tents in the informal settlement of Havanain the capital.

"We have been conducting our lessons for grades one to threefrom temporary tents to meet the education needs as populationescalates in the area in the face of infrastructure shortages," shesaid.

Gerard Vries, Director of Education, Arts and Culture in theKhomas Region http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Ousmane- … ce-Jersey/ , said that the influx of people to the Havanainformal settlement led the education ministry to accommodatelearners in tents classrooms, while it builds three permanentschools to absorb the ever growing population of learners.

More than 110,000 people are living in informal settlements inWindhoek, with an estimated close to 100 http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Olivier- … ce-Jersey/ ,000 living in Havanaalone, according to Namibia Statistics Agency.

But teaching in tents, according to Murangi, comes with manychallenges.

"For instance http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Ngolo-Ka … ce-Jersey/ , we are now in winter, the children, when in tentsget exposed to adversity of weather variability. Not only is that,but it is also costly http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Moussa-S … ce-Jersey/ , and we face technical difficulties insetting up a conducive classroom environment in a tent. Butnevertheless, we have to groom and educate the children," sheadded.

Handing over the container classrooms, Sven Thieme http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Lucas-He … ce-Jersey/ , executivechairman of the Ohlthaver and List (O&L) Group of Companies,said that the donation of container classrooms forms part of theefforts to address teaching infrastructure shortage in the centralregion.

The container classrooms are equipped with standard classroomfacilities.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Minister of Education,Arts and Culture, Veno Kauaria http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Lucas-Di … ce-Jersey/ , Deputy Permanent Secretary ofLifelong Learning in the Ministry said that the establishment oftents and prefabricated structures are a result of the high demandfor school spaces in the highly populated area.

"Over the years, the ministry has been battling withinsufficient funds to meet the implementation of its capitalprojects. The donation of containerized classrooms will thereforemake a huge difference in creating a conducive teaching andlearning environment for the less privileged groups of society,"said Kauaria.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to construct permanent schools forchildren now taught in tents.

Back at the school http://www.francesoccerpro.com/Laurent- … ce-Jersey/ , by noon, the students moved to their newclassrooms.

"The learners are beaming with hope and smiles. They got toexperience firsthand about how it feels being in an indoorclassroom, a first for all of them," said Mu.



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