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Reputation of the user Smartys  [+124 / -6]  

From user For topic Reason Estimation Date
9kiwi9 To Smarty: PunBB forum site admin/ips/

Being awesome

+ 2014-03-26 21:06:47
9kiwi9 Not marking read as read


+ 2014-03-23 14:12:36
Profile deleted HOWTO: Add a banner by editing the template

helping with PunBB and everything

+ 2013-11-04 00:46:35
Minimania Zapped Reports

Youre very smart.

+ 2013-03-28 09:04:21
Freesnacher Adding style problem: style to big? Smartys Answer this one please?

Cuz I want him to help me!

+ 2013-02-06 18:44:55
Adam-Phillips Now I'm the one everybody's getting mad at!


- 2012-12-22 00:15:49
Boba Fett What happened to our forums????

For solving a forums-down problem in mere minutes. +1

+ 2012-11-10 18:03:39
Adam-Phillips "Online today" list should update upon login...

Thanks you. :)

+ 2012-09-08 06:36:08
Maxxy HOWTO: Configure the IRC chat


+ 2012-05-28 21:46:40
James07 HOWTO: Make unread indicators use image icons

for helping

+ 2012-05-27 00:34:30
vtm forum looks weird in chrome, looks ok in int explorer

for your help

+ 2012-05-13 14:48:16
Penultimate suggestions list! (please sticky)

Thank you for that.

+ 2012-05-09 22:07:32
crystalyn97 Someone keeps going into my account on this one forum

Thanks! :)

+ 2012-04-22 03:28:49

Thanka again. I feel really guilty about the -2 rep I gave you.

+ 2012-03-26 22:21:49
RedRocker227 Help D:

Thanks for fixing my forums. And uh you can delete the -2 rep I gave you if you want :/

+ 2012-03-24 17:35:08
RedRocker227 Ban Warnings

Geesh, get online already. This is your forum, you shouldn't just be coming on every few days >_>

- 2012-03-24 08:27:53
RedRocker227 Not again!

Be more active, man. I need help with my forum urgently, and you're nowhere to be seen >_>

- 2012-03-24 01:14:44
imnotbob Close this and your not a man at all Smartys

Swell, stop being annoying. See your topic.

+ 2012-03-01 21:25:02
imsosuperswell1 Swelly will need a revert

Killer of all ambitions, jolly good show. *clap*

- 2012-03-01 01:57:22
imnotbob Maximum signature height

I meant to say freespeech is a scam.

+ 2012-02-18 23:06:41
imnotbob Who keeps deleting my account smartys?

Thanks for removing all my unnecessary -rep

+ 2012-02-16 23:32:09
royale Removed or deleted

For being amazing.

+ 2012-02-15 22:27:34
imnotbob Removed or deleted

The truth is oooooout...... freeopinions is a scam

+ 2012-02-14 22:25:27
royale Now I'm the one everybody's getting mad at!

Thank you!!

+ 2012-02-12 00:29:23
imnotbob Now I'm the one everybody's getting mad at!

You wouldn't care if I said people were tying to kill me! Words DO hurt. I'd know.

- 2012-02-11 19:25:28


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